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Sense8 Season 3 Might Just Happen: Here’s What We Know So Far

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Most fans are probably still grieving over Sense8’s cancellation, but just so they know, the fight isn’t over yet. Netflix may have pulled the plug on one of its most diverse and breathtakingly original shows, but there still seems to be a way for Sense8 Season 3 to happen. No, it’s not finding a new home for the show, but just flooding the streaming service giant with calls.

After the Twitter rallies and online petitions failed to convince the company, some devoted fans called Netflix’s customer support hotline to ask the company to reconsider their decision. Apparently, Netflix has been receiving endless calls from upset fans that they’re now reportedly considering taking back the cancellation.

Now, fans are urging fellow Sense8 viewers to contact the platform’s customer service and give a statement.

Netflix has not responded to the claim yet. It has been quiet since they broke the sad news last week. Its press release didn’t go into much detail why Sense8 is getting axed, only stating that “after 23 episodes, 16 cities, and 13 countries, the story of the Sense8 cluster is coming to an end.”

Why was Sense8 canceled?

We’re pretty sure it wasn’t because the story was bad. As far as reviews go, Sense8 was arguably one of the most progressive sci-fi flicks in our current Golden Age of television, with most people praising it for its diversity and positive LGBTQIA storytelling. But outside its fandom, we don’t really know if the show was generating enough buzz since Netflix doesn’t disclose viewership data.

CEO Reed Hastings did previously say, though, that you can tell when the show is a hit with viewers by whether or not it’s canceled. So perhaps Sense8 did not generate enough numbers to justify their cost which was reportedly a whopping $9 million per episode.

Sense8 marks the second big original series from Netflix to be canceled this year, and the seventh Netflix series of all time to have its plug pulled.

Sad week for Sense8 fans, but all hope shouldn’t be lost. As the tweet above reads, let us not give up now. “Keep calling, emailing, tweeting, and chatting” about Sense8 Season 3 renewal and maybe, just maybe Netflix will have a change of heart.

Any thoughts? Do you think Netflix should renew Sense8 for one more season? Sound off in the comments section below!

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