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Sense8 Season 3 Cancelled, But There Could Be Another Christmas Special

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It’s been more than a week since Netflix announced the cancellation of series Sense8 and yet fans still can’t get over the fact they won’t be seeing the third season of the surprising successful sci-fi show.  

To add salt to the wound, Netflix has canceled the progressive sci-fi show and LGBTQIA favorite on the first day of pride month and it didn’t even give a proper explanation behind the sudden decision. While some are trying to figure out what prompted the platform to pull the plug, most are petitioning for a renewal.

At this point, however, there are no indications of reconsideration. After a week of Twitter rallies and online petitions, Netflix still hasn’t responded to the fans’ cries. It looks like the company is standing firm on its decision not to pick up the show for a third season. But there just might be a way that it can give proper closure to the show and the characters without renewing it and that’s giving a green light to a Christmas special.

Is another Christmas special possible?

Last year, Netflix released a two-hour Christmas special of the series. It was a pre-holiday gift for fans who were hungry for new episodes as they wait for the new season, though Deadline says it was already considered a part of Season 2. The special provided both a partial sense of resolution to many of Season 1’s plot threads, as well as several moments of respite.

Although it certainly wouldn’t satisfy all fans, another special would be a good alternative for the company just to give closure to the show if they can’t grant that highly-requested 10-episode third season. After all, the Sense8 Season 2 ended with a big cliffhanger where the sensates finally appear to have an upper hand in their war against main antagonist Whispers. Netflix should tie the remaining loose ends at least.

What you can do for now

Then again, this is just a speckle of gold in the prospector’s pan that may or may likely be considered. We can only hope that Netflix will. In the meantime, if you want Sense8 to be saved, you can continue making noise on Twitter using the hashtags #RenewSense8 and #SaveSense8 or sign the petition for a Sense8 Season 3. It has already garnered nearly half a million signatures as of this writing.

Fans are also urging people to call Netflix’s customer support and file a complaint. Apparently, “due to the overwhelming feedback,” they’re now reportedly reconsidering their decision.

Note, though, that Netflix has not released an official response to this yet. Nonetheless, it’s worth taking a shot. Follow the steps here.

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