Sense8 Season 2 Spoilers: Sensates to Discover Other Clusters & Unite Against Whisper; Mythology Behind Them to be Revealed

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Sense8 Season 2 will see the sensates unite against Whisper.
Sense8 Season 2 will see the sensates unite against Whisper.

Sense8 Season 2 won?t debut until 2017, but some spoilers have already surfaced, suggesting what could happen in the show next year. According to reports, the sensates will discover more about each other, and they?ll come together to defeat Whisper. Meanwhile, each character will go through different challenges, and a lot of viewers? questions from Season 1 will reportedly be answered in the new season.

According to International Business Times, fans will have a better understanding of the sensates in Sense8 Season 2. In an interview of the show?s creator Michael J. Straczynski with Gold Derby, he stated that the sensates will discover other clusters, and the mythology behind the sensates will be revealed.

?Now we begin to find out the mythology behind what it is to be a sensate.?Are there others??Where do we come from??Why are they perceived to be a threat??So really the second season is about providing a lot of answers to the questions that viewers had after seeing the first season,? Straczynski explained.

It was further stated that the sensates will have better control of their abilities, and they?ll be able to connect with each other more in Sense8 Season 2. In the show?s cast?s interview with Buzzfeed last month, it was revealed that the sensates will come together to defeat Whisper, who?s been trying to destroy their cluster.

Nomi is said to be instrumental in bringing the cluster together, as she is set to become the central hub of information next season.??The thing that I love about the characters getting to come together more is that it means we?re getting to figure out how to use our abilities to visit and communicate,? said Jamie Clayton who plays Nomi. ?The visiting part is really cool, and the sharing of the knowledge and the skills.?

Meanwhile, new dark characters are expected to debut in Sense8 next year, and they?ll be going after Wolfgang, as Max Riemelt revealed.

Sense8 Season 2 is slated for a 2017 release; however, no specific date has been announced.

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