Who Is The Mysterious Det. Mun Actor In Sense8? 5 Fun Facts You Need To Know

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Hot Detective Mun

Netflix’s sci-fi drama Sense8 returned for Season 2 earlier this month, bringing more stylishly-filmed action sequences and, of course, new faces. One of the characters that made their debut in the new episodes is Detective Woojin Mun, who not only gave an interesting arc to our favorite sensate Sun (played by Donna Bae) but also captured the hearts of Sense8 aficionados.

Played by Sukku Son, the character in question is the totally hot law enforcement-turned-love-interest who was assigned to investigate Sun’s prison break and bring her in. If you’ve fallen over him just like the rest of us, you might want to know more about the Sukku Son. There isn’t much known about Sense8‘s new heartthrob at this point, but we’ve listed some fun facts we know about him below.

1. Sukku Son is a South Korean actor.

Like his on-screen character, Son is from South Korea. It is unclear how popular he is in his hometown, but from what we know, he has only one other major credit to his name so far. It’s a short film made in 2014 titled Contact Point that chronicles a former couple’s meeting at their old hangout.

2. Sense8 was his Hollywood break.

Despite his lack of credentials in acting, he made it to Hollywood, thanks to his Sense8 casting. Unfortunately, there are no other details available on how he snagged the role, but we’re happy he was chosen nonetheless. Now, he’s one of the non-American stars in the popular sci-fi flick whose main cast includes actors from America, Germany, India, and yes, South Korea.

3. He has so much love for the Sense8 cast and fans.

His personal Instagram account is full of appreciation for the Netflix show and the fans. He posted some photos of him and fellow Sense8 cast Doona Bae, as well as a picture of him and Paul Ogola during his first table reading. Son also made sure to thank his fans in one of his posts.

“Thank you all wherever u r for leaving me good words. I read all of them,” he captioned one selfie. “I don’t wanna make this corny u know but they made me feel like I was being recognized as an actor by the majority for the first time and I guess it got me a little emotional so I’m just sayin’… #thanks guys.”

4. He might have a bigger role next season.

As discovered in Sense8 Season 2, his character, Detective Mun, turns out to have a steamy history with Sun. He may have spent the rest of the season chasing the sensate, but he still believes that she is innocent. Later in the season, the two had an intense rooftop fight scene that ended in a hot and heavy kiss. Of course, an extensive role is still tentative, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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5. Son helped South Korean actress Yaerin Joo audition for Crazy Rich Asians.

Beyond Sense8, the only intel we got about Son was an audition tape for Crazy Rich Asians where he assisted actress Yaerin Joo. You can view the video below.

Any thoughts about the new Sense8 cast member? Have you fallen in love with him too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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