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Sensate helps people calm down and even helps relieve panic attacks

Achieve relaxation and peace of mind.

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Live a stress-free life with Sensate:

  • Easy-to-use and convenient wellness device 
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Help improve sleep
  • Improve heart rate variability 
  • Boost resilience
  • Reduce stress and anxiety 

Feeling stressed out? Sensate is a handy and easy-to-use device that uses the natural power of sonic resonance to calm the nervous system, providing immediate relief and long-term benefits from regular use. It features a novel patented technology designed to send infrasonic waves through the chest to reach the vagus nerve in the core of the nervous system.

The Sensate device emits low-frequency resonant vibrations transmitted via bone conduction into the chest and turn the thoracic cavity into a resonating chamber when placed on the chest bone. It feels like a soothing hum spreading through the chest, similar to other special breathing and sound techniques. 

For 10 minutes, you can achieve relaxation, calm your nerves, and reduce stress as if you went to a therapy session. Many people were able to overcome stress and anxiety using Sensate!

“I use it daily in addition to my meditation and exercise to bring some peace and calm to my mind. It works for me and I’m highly recommending it to anyone that wants a little more calm in their lives. I like that you don’t have to do any sort of training to get the benefits. An absolute beginner can use it and immediately get benefits.” – Joan MacDonald

“Got mine for my girlfriend and she’s a lot calmer and it relieves her during a panic attack. Thanks, Sensate! Let the team know they are amazing to make such an innovative device that helps those in need of relief in our everyday lives.” – Alex E

“I’m not a gadget person but this device has found a place in my daily routine. I suffer from anxiety – by using the Sensate I can distract myself from my racing thoughts and submit to the subtle but powerful healing sensations and sounds. I sometimes go to bed and use this well-designed device and app to fall asleep. They work seamlessly to bring relief and deep relaxation.” – Mark W