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Played Dynasty Warriors? Kessen? Samurai Warriors? Got sick of the lack of humor and character storylines? Then look no further! Sengokou BASARA 2 for the PS2 gives you a good fix of army ass kicking in a new way.

BASARA 2 starts you out with a few characters to choose from, but you get to unlock more by either completing a certain goal within a mission or just going through that character’s storyline. Each character has his and her own powers, moves, weapons, armor, etc. If you understand Japanese, then you will get a kick out of the conversations that character has with others while in battle. Though there are three characters that are just plan depressing. And after beating the game just once, you unlock a Tournament mode where you can get a character’s special armor and weapon. Also it’s a good way to get yen instead of repeating the storylines. Then there is the Conquest mode, where you have to defeat other character castles in order to get more yen and items. Rare items, mind you.


Looks good for a PS2 game and rarely had to deal with slow downs. There is nothing really special with the graphics, nothing as top notch as let’s say Final Fantasy quality. The game looks like it was made in a short amount of time, but it really stands out and you don’t take notice to much of the basic models. Also the texture design was done very well. A great job with the cloth and weapon design too. Score: 8/10


It’s what you’d expect from a Japanese made game. J-Pop and J-Rock, and it’s not all that bad. Plus you can listen to the sound track in game through the special options. The music isn’t on the level of being repeatative and annoying, so it won’t give you a headache. Score: 9/10


Totally fun and addictive! With all the characters and unique style of gameplay, you will be hooked for hours. From giant sword swinging to smashing with a giant hammer, the fun never really dies down. You can also use your Special Move/Power when it is full and go berserk in a crowd of enemies, thus giving you more yen and EXP. The controls are very simple and there is a video for each special move when you select it in the options menu of that characters.?Score: 9/10


Very simple and easy to learn. Even after playing another type of game and going back to this one, you will have none to very little difficulty playing it again. Remeber that each character has their own style of fighting, so don’t go rushing off as if you were carrying a giant sword and instead wielding dual guns. Yes, there are guns and it’s not too cheap to use’m! Score: 10/10


With all the goodies such as viewing videos of each character, listening to the soundtrack, viewing notes about each stage and going through the different modes, there is a LOT of replay value for this game. So I highly recommend Sengokou BASARA 2 for any player looking for a good action/adventure game that has a certain Dynasty Warriors touch to it.

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