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Send your baby off to dreamland in an instant with this 2-in-1 magical sleep machine

This sound machine and night lamp in one is a dream come true for every parent

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Yoga Sleep
Putting a baby to a deep and peaceful slumber is no easy feat. And when you finally get them to nod off, the last thing you want is to get a dog barking, a phone ringing or a loud vehicle passing by waking them up. If you find yourself caught in this dilemma, don’t worry because you’re not alone.

Lucky for you, this 2 in 1 sound machine and night light comes to the rescue!

Meet Nod White Noise Machine with Night Light


What is Nod White Noise Machine with Night Light

Nod White Noise Machine with Night Light is a sound machine engineered to help your little one fall asleep and stay asleep in no time. It features 20 sound options that lulls your baby to sleep effortlessly. Some of the featured sounds include fan sounds, white noise, nature sounds and 8 lullaby tracks.

This sound machine also has a soft and dimmable night light in amber tones that do not disrupt sleep cycles. Instead, it creates a relaxing and calm environment that soothes your baby’s sleep.
Yoga Sleep
How does this sound machine work and why is it a lifesaver? When using this sound machine, you can opt to run it all night long or you can also set a timer with 3 timer options. It can seamlessly fit into any room or nursery because of its sleek design. Its user-friendly interface also makes it very simple to operate.

Features you can’t miss with this sound machine:

  • Soft amber night light
  • 20 sound settings plus sleep timer
  • Unbeatable quality & guarantee
  • Simple to Use
  • Modern look
So, why suffer from sleepless nights when you can soothe your fussy baby to sleep in no time?