Selfie ‘Pro’ Tips: How To Take Selfies Like A Pro

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#SELFIE (Official Music Video) (Image Credit to ChainSmokers YouTube)-
#SELFIE (Official Music Video) (Image Credit to ChainSmokers YouTube)-

Not everybody likes the idea of ?Selfies? or the act of taking your own pictures using any camera that you have access to (mostly, modern mobile phones), but once you get a hold of a phone with a decent camera, with or without a front facing one, it won?t be long before you realize that it?s 2014 and it?s all about the image. On the Internet, it may sound funny, but knowing how to take a good selfie counts as a professional skill (If narcissism is ever to be considered as a profession).

The Camera

This one is pretty obvious, but with smartphones of today, it would always be best to use the rear camera than the front one. Yes. Using the front camera lets you see what you are doing, but the image will end up pretty grainy, even with recent smartphones today, which has 2 to 5 megapixels. Use of a mirror is good, and lugging around a small one could be ideal.


This is also pretty simple to get down. Taking selfies is a form of photography and photography practically means ?The art of light or capturing light? or whatever the pros?call it. It?s always a good idea to face the source of light when taking a selfie and not the other way around as the light would literally ?eat? you in the picture. If you?re in a room with poor light, a small lamp can be used.

Snap Like There is No Tomorrow

Like any proper photographer, shooting now and picking later is an all-time high. Let?s say, you take 100 pictures. You don?t have to upload all of them, and you only need to choose 5 or less and disregard the shitty ones away. Pick the ones that ?work? and by that, we mean, angles that show those best ?features? that you?ve got.


Nothing is worse than girls who post selfies with two large anime eyes and an outline for a??mouth. Where did your nose or cheekbones go? Everyone would look attractive when you literally take away their whole face and leave the blurred eyes and mouth.

Now that all is set, all you need to do now is to share your pictures on the internet and see those likes fly over your page. Also, don?t forget to use #hashtags as it can pretty much help with promoting?your pictures!

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