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Selfie Ethics: Think Twice Before Smiling

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Selfies are everywhere.

That?s an understatement.

Why do people take pictures of themselves? The first reason that comes to mind is because they want to see how they look on a particular day. What comes after that is a whole other process. What happens next is a product of whether or not they liked how they looked like.

Of course, if you like your appearance today, you?d like other people to see that picture, too. That?s the part where you upload your picture into Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and enjoy the feast that is your online friends? compliments.

But it doesn?t end there.

Everyone likes the feeling of being appreciated for *cough* who being who they are. One photo could lead to another. And another. And another. And another. And thus, the series of selfies is born.

It could be a very addictive habit based on what we see online. Duck faces and close up shots? Totally branded as a type of selfie. It?s not just addictive; it?s annoying at times.

Learn when and where not to take a selfie , my friend.


  • When you are alone in a public place

Seriously? Why?


Unless you?re in a really cool place where selfies are acceptable (e.g. museums, art exhibits, etc.), do not take a selfie. We will not understand this behavior and we will try our best not to judge you (but we would still end up doing that, believe me).

  • When you are with homeless, unfortunate people


It is just plain wrong. You can say that you?re doing it because you pity them, you want to help them and you want the world to see them but it?s still wrong. ?If you want to help them, give them real food and real money, not a picture.

  • When you are at a funeral


The whole point of funerals is to give respect to the deceased, not marvel at your own physical appearance.

  • When you are driving


It is not safe. Taking pictures of yourself while driving is equivalent to texting while driving. Plus, isn?t taking a selfie one of the worst ways to die?

  • When you have injuries, incisions, etc.


Who wants to see a bloody hand, foot or nose online? NO ONE. Nobody has to know that you had a little accident while you were cooking or shaving. Nobody.

  • When you?ve just had an, err, intimate moment


Yes, we know you?re married or crazily in love with your boyfriend, but don?t take a selfie after doing the deed! We don?t need the gory details. There are some things that cannot and should not be posted and you have to accept that.


The next time your online friend posts a selfie that falls under these types, do me a favor and punch your friend in the face. Just kidding.

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