Selena Gomez Got Stuck in Elevator At Paris Fashion Week

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The eminent singer Selena Gomez is participating in the Paris Fashion Week festivities and documenting the evidence on social media. She got absolutely scared after she got stuck in an elevator.

Although Gomez was super excited, all the excitement came to a pause when she, her crew and a group of passengers got trapped in a lift between the floors at an undisclosed venue. According to Spy, the singer tweeted live on Tuesday and posted a 19 second video of all the harassment that she had to face. The video also showed that everyone crawled out safely. Not only that in Twitter she also captioned the video as “That time we got stuck in an elevator in Paris… “. Gomez started saying in the video, “If we keep talking, the oxygen…” and this she said in front of a male who was standing next to the pop celebrity and was actually yelling to someone on the other side of the lift to open the metal doors.

There was the man who finally managed to free from the situation opening the door. This was such a relief to Gomez and her friends, who cheered as they finally come over the situation. The entire mess took place on the very same day the singer arrived in Paris where she is supposed to take part for the final two days of Paris Fashion Week.

Her model friend Gigi Hadid has already walked the ramp in a number of shows. The celeb pal also appeared at the Balmain presentation last week. Hadid and fellow model Kendall Jenner made the headlines after appearing on the catwalk with switched hair colors for the show.

Hadid has blonde hair naturally. She dyed her hair a dark brown while Brunette Jenner tried to find out if blondes really do have more fun with her new hair style.

The swap didn’t last long, as they went back to their normal colors for the Chanel show at the Grand Palais des Champs-Elysees.

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