Selena Gomez Beats Taylor Swift, Named The Most Followed Celebrity

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Selena Gomez has just been named the most followed celebrity on Instagram, beating her BFF Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner.

Ex-Disney star Selena Gomez huddled a staggering 69.5 million fans on the picture sharing app Instagram, ousting her best pal Taylor Swift from the throne. Taylor has 69.2 million followers, while Kim Kardashian West tails behind with 63.6 million.

Good thing is, there is actually no competition between the two. In fact, the Good For You singer claims she would love to team up with Swift.

?The opportunity has always been there and I think she is one of the most talented songwriters I have ever met. I don?t know ? I would want it to be a moment but we?ll see.?

Meanwhile, Selena has also accidentally revealed that Kendall is already off the market. During her chat with DJ Roman Kemp from Capital FM on Monday, the Come & Get It hitmaker apparently gave a shocking answer when she was asked if he could join Taylor Swift?s female ?squad.?

?Maybe not for the squad necessarily but boyfriend material is always good. None of them are single, just so you know?? she said. ?Taylor is not singe. Gigi [Hadid] is not single, neither is Kendall. I am the only single one!? she revealed.

Although she refused to drop names, this leads to speculations who Kendall?s new beau could possibly be. The American fashion model earlier went on a Caribbean holiday vacation break with One Direction singer Harry Styles, after they formerly dated in 2013. The two have not been seen lately, with another rumor surfacing linking Kendall with the Superhuman singer Chris Brown.

Meanwhile, talking about her love life. Selena reveals she is interested in dating mature men. ?I feel like I look 16 sometimes, which is a bummer because I would love to date older guys.?

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