Seldik: A Fictional PS4 Game That Should Be Real

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A fictional PS4 game has gotten plenty of attention. [Image from PlayStation]

It’s rare for fictional games to get so much attention, but that’s what happened with Seldik, a non-existent game that appeared in BBC’s Eastenders. A physical copy of the game was held by one of the actors, which got the attention of many PS4 owners. While it’s not a real game yet, it could be one in the future if the demands for it are high enough.

Fictional games aren’t a rarity on TV, since they’re always used to get away with copyright images and whatnot. Usually, these titles have fake names or pre-rendered CGI to show that they “exist” in the show’s universe. However, it’s rare for the producers to add some effort, like the box art seen in Eastenders, which is surprisingly good, hence the attention.

The box art for Seldik is really good, with PSU acknowledging the image of a lone man barred from the rest of the world looks interesting. Something visually striking like this should be a real game, though trying to guess the genre it will be a part of is going to be hard to do. Perhaps it can be a Journey-esque experience, where players won’t know why they’re barred from the rest of the world and must discover why, which would fit the artsy category fans like.

Optimists might say that the show is secretly hyping a real-life game that’s in development, which would be really nice if we’re being honest. Video games have evolved over the years, so having a title that was originally advertised on TV would be an interesting product to say the least. Right now, it looks like it’s just a fictional game that only exists in the TV universe, which is a shame, since it does look really cool. At the least, 2017 has been a good year for gaming.

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