Sega Offers Three New Wii Virtual Console Games

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Sega is kicking off the new year by pushing three new Wii Virtual Console games. You can now download Rolling Thunder 2, Eternal Champions, and Light Crusader on your Wii console!

Rolling Thunder 2
Rolling Thunder 2
In this follow-up to the original classic, you are once again a member of Interpol’s Rolling Thunder task force, and it’s up to you to stop the return of the evil Geldra organization. Now known as Neo-Geldra, and led by a newcomer named Gimdo, the bad guys are bent on destroying several valuable outer space satellites. In this one- or two-player game, you can play as Leila or Albatross – both characters from the original – as you venture through several different levels, trying to put a stop to the nefarious efforts of Gimdo and the rest of the Neo-Geldra. Use your bullets wisely and make the Rolling Thunder proud.
Eternal Champion
Eternal Champions
This 2D fighting game introduces a host of different characters that met untimely deaths in their time on Earth. Now they have been given a chance to compete against each other, with the winner taking on the Eternal Champion, the ultimate fighter in the universe. If they can defeat the Eternal Champion, they will be sent back to Earth for the opportunity to avenge their death and restore balance to the universe. Choose from any of nine unique characters with a variety of fighting styles, and bring your best moves as you defeat all comers in your quest to topple the Eternal Champion!
Light Crusader
Light Crusader
Each day, more good townspeople of Green Row have been mysteriously, and beleaguered King Weeden summons the knight Sir David to investigate the disappearances. Armed with his wits and his sword, Sir David must find the cause of this strange evil and save the people of Green Row before things get any worse. Take the role of Sir David in this action-RPG and get to the bottom of the mysteries of Green Row as you fight enemies, solve puzzles, and use your best combination of brains and brawn to save the kingdom.



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