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Sega Forever: Unlisted Games We May Get In The Future

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Sega Forever
Source: SEGA Forever launch trailer (English) video

Sega has previously announced the “Sega Forever” program which aims to release free Sega titles on iOS and Android. Its library is limited at the moment but we might be able to see more games coming soon. Here are some good titles that could be released for this mobile project.


This Rare beat’ em up title is known for its cult following because of its difficulty. A poll on Gamefaqs consider Battletoads to be harder than Dark Souls in a landslide victory. Importing Battletoads on Android and iOS should give it a game that can sell the platform. A Battletoads port has long been available on the Xbox One through the Rare Replay program.

Ecco The Dolphin

One of Sega’s unique title is Ecco The Dolphin, which has an extremely unique story. Players will play as Ecco, a dolphin that tries to uncover the source of the storm that extracted many sea creatures out of the water. Ecco’s ocean adventure eventually escalates beyond expectations as time travel and extraterrestrial threats get in its story. Even with this story progression, Ecco the Dolphin manages to keep a coherent plot.

Currently, this title doesn’t have a mobile port yet but has already been ported for the Sega Mega-Drive collection on Steam.

Streets of Rage

The Street of Rage series is a known beat ‘em up classic on the Sega console. It has a straightforward plot of ex-cops trying to beat a crime lord to cure their city of danger and violence. Streets of Rage features a side-scrolling adventure with little objective but defeat all foes and carry on to the end of the level. Similar to Ecco the Dolphin, the series has also been ported for PC on Steam.

For now, Android and iOS players have Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Phantasy Star 2, Kid Chameleon, and Comix Zone to play through this new Sega program. We may have to wait in the coming months as Sega promises monthly releases for Sega Forever.

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