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Seek: New Mobile Game Similar To Pokemon GO Let’s You Win Real Prizes

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The worldwide hit app Pokemon GO is still taking the whole world by storm with all its new features and Pokemon to collect. But it looks like soon enough, a new competitor might overthrone this ?App King?. Watch out Pokemon, Seek is making its way to the app world.

For those who have not yet heard of this soon to release app, Seek is basically a treasure hunting game that partakes in real-life. Similar to Pokemon GO, players will have to use the app in order to find hidden treasures scattered around their area.

You might be asking what the big deal is with this upcoming app. Although it has similar mechanics and gameplay with?Pokemon GO, it beats its rival with actual real-life prizes. In short, the users will be able to do an actual treasure hunt with actual prizes in store for them.

This imminent app will be partnering with different businesses of various sorts to help them attract more users to play the game. As stated by its founder, Jon Cheney, ?We give businesses the ability to drop a treasure chest right outside their stores, put whatever they want inside it, and attract customers to come open it, vying at a chance to win something.?

On the side of the soon to be partners of the app, they can ?start to understand who?s coming to their store and what type of stuff they should put in this marketing tool.? The app will also give their partners needed demographic data to help the businesses study their market.

But is demographic information enough to sustain the partnership of this app with business owners? If, let us assume, that the app became a hit and more users would be hooked to it, the ratio of the users versus the treasure items might be too overwhelming on the part of the business partners.

There is also a probability on the business side that they would invest too much just to compensate and cater to the app users who are constantly coming to the treasure chests expecting for an item. Also, if ever the stores would be unfortunate enough to run out of items to give, it might rub the app users the wrong way and leave a bad impression on the store itself.

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Seek is still on its beta testing phase and still has a long way to go. But if ever they would be able to strategically and carefully plan the whole app through, then it will be a win-win situation not only for them but also for their business partners and their app users.

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