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See Who’s Accessing Your Wi-Fi On Windows

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There are times that putting a password on your Wi-Fi connection isn?t enough to keep intruders from stealing your internet connection. There will be times that you may notice file transfers, videos or websites are not working as fast as they should. It may not always be theft, and your problem might simply be a case of numerous devices trying to share a slow internet connection.

So to get to the root of all these issues, try to download a free app for Windows and investigate who?s accessing your network. Just follow these simple steps:

  • First, download a copy of Who Is On My WiFi and install it in your computer?s system. Don?t worry, it?s a free app and you can download it by clicking here.
  • Launch the app and then just follow the tutorial, which is going to commence your first network scan. You will be able to configure the port range that is going to be scanned, but it will be alright not to mess with the settings if you just want to get started.
    After a scan has been done, you will be seeing a list of IP addresses in the app. Each of it will be identified by local IP and MAC address.
  • Now, start to identify the different devices on your Wi-Fi network. If your network has a lot of connections, then we advise you to turn your Wi-Fi on, one device at a time so you will be able to label them. You can label each of them by clicking the Description box, and then input a name and click Save which can be found in the top-right corner.
  • This last step is kind of optional, but if ever you find out that someone IS stealing your internet connection, the password of your Wi-Fi network should be changed. If you have a personal wireless router, just simply log in and then set it up. But if you have a router/modem combo from your internet service provider, however, then look for the make and model of your router/modem to find its default login. If you are still not able to log in, then it would be a great idea to contact your internet service provider, they will be able to help you reset your password.


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