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Did you watch the FIFA World Cup final last Sunday? For sure a lot of Messi fans out there are sad after Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in an intense final. And with the prevalence of social media for this generation, it?s interesting to know how much interaction the World Cup has generated in Facebook and Twitter.

In the finals match last Sunday, Facebook reported that the Germany-Argentina match had generated 88 million interactions globally; 22 million more than the Brazil-Germany match. These interactions refer to either posting, commenting, or liking anything related to the World Cup

On the entire duration of the World Cup from June 12 to July 13, there were 350 million people who participated in conversations and a total of 3 billion interactions were recorded.

Here?s some really interesting info on how the World Cup shook Facebook:

Most Social World Cup Matches

  1. Germany vs. Argentina final (88 million people with 280 million Facebook interactions)
  2. Brazil vs. Germany semifinal (66 million people with 200 million Facebook interactions)
  3. Brazil vs. Croatia opening match (58 million people with 140 million Facebook interactions)
  4. Argentina vs. Netherlands semifinal (39 million people with 83 million Facebook interactions)
  5. Brazil vs. Chile round of 16 match (31 million people with 75 million Facebook interactions)

Most Social World Cup Moments

  1. Brazil vs. Germany semifinal (29?):? Sami Khedira scores Germany?s fourth goal in seven minutes, giving them an inconceivable 5-0 lead with a full hour remaining in the match.
  2. Germany vs. Argentina final (full time):? The final whistle blows, crowning Germany as World Champions for the fourth time.
  3. Brazil vs. Germany semifinal (26?):? Toni Kroos scores his second goal of the match, increasing Germany?s lead to 4-0 over a stunned Brazil team and home crowd.
  4. Germany vs. Argentina final (113?):? Mario G?tze scores from a beautiful Sch?rrle cross to give Germany a 1-0 lead over Argentina deep in extra time.
  5. Brazil vs. Croatia opening match (29?):? Neymar scores his first World Cup goal, and Brazil?s first goal of the match, to level the score 1-1 with Croatia.

Most Talked About Players

  1. Neymar (Brazil)
  2. Lionel Messi (Argentina)
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
  4. Luis Su?rez (Uruguay)
  5. David Luiz (Brazil)
  6. J?lio C?sar (Brazil)
  7. Thomas M?ller (Germany)
  8. Mesut ?zil (Germany)
  9. Hulk (Brazil)
  10. Arjen Robben (Netherlands)

For other Facebook statistics, look here.


Meanwhile on Twitter, we can see how many tweets per minute (TPM) during the highlights of the match. Twitter erupted when German Attacker Mario G?tze scored the first goal of the match towards the end, generating 556,499 tweets. A few minutes later, more tweets came in when Germany finally wins the title. A lot of people also tweeted during the awarding of Lionel Messi?s Best Player award. As a whole, the Germany-Argentina match recorded a total of 32.1 million tweets.

These data does not only conclude that football is the most popular sport in the world, but this shows a reflection of our current generation on how we are heavily engaged to the Internet and social media.

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