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Be Secured with ConnectSense

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Security and safety are everyone?s concern nowadays. Being in our homes does not guarantee that we are free from dangers.? This is where the importance of having security sensors comes in. It can track temperature, security status, and even monitor possible water damage.

Grid Connect, a company that has been offering sensors for more than five years, designs and distributes ConnectSense. The company started in 2003 as a distributor of networking products. Eventually, they began designing and manufacturing their own products to better meet their customers? needs. All their products have been positively received, hence customers repeatedly expressed their desire for something more affordable and diverse. So they designed ConnectSense, which enables the user to monitor his environment in whatever way he sees fit.

According to Adam Justice of Grid Connect, his company?s sensors can last for three years on four batteries. He also added that the radio conserves power by waking up once a day to transmit and receive a signal indicating that it is still active. But once an event occurs, the radio wakes to send a message.


The gadget has these simple yet effective features:

  • Notifications. The simple-to-use rules and reliable notifications ensure users that they will know the moment something needs attention in their home (i.e. there is possible danger). This way, costly problems can be averted. You will be notified in case there are any changes in the environment.
  • Accessible Whenever and Wherever. The device stores all their data in the cloud, hence users can access it anywhere and anytime they desire. It also works on any devise with a web browser, be it a cellphone, table, PC, or Mac.
  • Free. It saves money because it is free!
  • No Electricity Needed. The device is powered by a 2500mAh rechargeable battery that can last for three years, so it saves on energy.
  • No Additional Hub Needed. It is easy to use and it works with just a WiFi access point, so there is no need for additional hardware.

Try using ConnectSense for peace of mind as it addresses the big issue in our daily life, which is security. By informing up-to-date information to users, our safety is assured.

It can even detect intruder?s entry at home, and automatically inform users about the danger by sending SMS & saves the image in a computer server . Because of that, users can take action immediately & identify the intruder. With ConnectSense, security of our homes is increased.

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