Secure your money in a fun and efficient way by having this electronic bank at home

Now keeping your savings safe has never been easy and convenient!

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Whether for future acquisitions or asset appreciation, saving money is more of a responsibility than a hobby. And while most people fall into the temptation of money set aside for a month, something has to make these bills less accessible. One way to help you with issues like these is by getting an electronic bank at your home.

It’s time to make your money grow with Overhalfsale’s Home Electronic Money Safe!

Featuring a more innovative way to save money, Overhalfsale comes with its Home Electronic Money Safe. Not only does this modern piggy bank make you save money, but it also helps you keep off the money you set aside. It’s like putting your money in a physical bank but only with the bank closer to your reach.

Why should I buy it?

Seeing something new or pleasing to your eyes is tempting, especially when you have your purse in your hand. With this home electric money safe, you will be able to stop being impulsive at things and appreciate the money you saved in the long run. This product is also one of the safest ways to save money since you will have to retain a PIN you only know.

What’s in the package?

  • Home Electronic Money Safe
  • One Screwdriver
  • One user manual

Can this safe hold enough money?

With dimensions 8.5 x 12 x 11.5cm, you can be confident about keeping all your money in this money safe. It also comes with a rolling slot as wide as 8.6cm and a 3.8cm coin slot. That way, you will no longer have to carve holes or find enough space for the amount you save.

Is this safe from theft? Absolutely! The Overhalfsale Money Safe comes with an ABS material that’s not only durable but is also environment-friendly. That means you won’t have to worry about your bills rotting inside.
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