Secret Android Tweak makes your Android Phone Faster When Using Chrome

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Secret Android Tweak makes your Android Phone Faster When Using Chrome

This ?secret? tweak on your Android smartphone will make your device ?dramatically? faster, when using Chrome. Interested? Read on…..

When Android first appeared in the mobile tech industry (way back in October 2003), the devices that used this operating system had many bugs and glitches, as well as being very slow and ?heavy?.

More than ten years later, Android, after being purchased by Google in 2005, and years of tweaking and development, is an operating system that rivals the iOS and overwhelmingly beats other systems in the mobile tech industry.

Even older Android smartphones that run on earlier versions of Android run smooth enough, which is a blessing for those who cannot afford the latest Android smartphones that come with the latest OS version.

However, many Android users, especially those who shell out money in the ?Apple price levels?, wish that their Android devices would run just a little bit faster, in order to compare with the speed of the latest iPhones and iPads.

It is a good thing that the very nature of Android ? its flexibility and ?open source? system ? make it possible for any ?capable? Android device owner to do some tweaking in order to make their device speed up.

One of the apps that most Android users are dependent on is the Chrome browser. And when the browser starts to become slow (especially when a number of tabs are opened at the same time), and pages take forever to load, and when just scrolling down becomes such a choppy experience, the Android user in you becomes highly irritated.

Don’t worry, here is how you can make that Android browsing experience faster and more enjoyable.

A number of 3rd party developers have shared a ?secret? tweak to fix this problem, and as shared by a number of tech sites and blogs like Reddit and Wired, this tweak can be easily applied to speed up your Android browser, by increasing the amount of RAM that your Chrome browser app can use.

The default setting for RAM usage of your Chrome browser is set at 128MB. This is the maximum RAM that Chrome can access and when you browse heavily, things get pretty slow and choppy.

This should not be the case with the latest Android smartphones as these high end gadgets are loaded with much more RAM.

Here is what you need to do with your Chrome browser.

Warning: The BitBag is not responsible for any errors which may occur on your device. Modifying the default settings in your device may brick the device and cause damage. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging the device. Do this at your own risk.

1. Open a new tab and type the following string:


2. Tap Enter. A menu will pop-up.

3. In the menu, change ?128? to ?256? OR ?512?.

4. Tap the ?Relaunch? button.

And you’re done.

Your Chrome browser can now access more RAM and this will speed up your browsing experience.

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