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Second Generation Spectacles in the Works; To Feature Augmented Reality

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Snap Inc. to release Spectacles with augmented reality feature

Augmented reality on wearables such as glasses is still a very touchy subject. Some experts believe that it may lead to various backlashes concerning user privacy. That is why the Google Glass project was effectively binned after just a few years. However, it seems like Snap Inc. is taking a stab at glass-mounted AR device with the second-generation Spectacles.

According to Tech Crunch, Snap Inc. is already developing the second generation Spectacles. While the main feature of the device is to take videos hands-free, it will also have augmented reality features. Unfortunately, at the moment, everything is pretty much hushed up. As Tech Crunch source claims only 1,800 of Snap Inc. employees know the detail about the project.

On the other hand, last month, Mashable discovered a Snap Inc. patent filing for a pair of augmented reality glasses. According to the said filing, Snap Inc. plans on using dual-glass arrangement to sense the user’s location. After which, the 3D space content will be beamed around the user’s space.

Snap Inc. to release Spectacles with augmented reality feature

First generation Spectacles (via

At the moment, Snap has sold around 34,000 units on the last quarter of 2016. On the first quarter of 2017, however, that sales figure nearly doubled. Right now, the original Spectacles is also available in Europe as well as the United States.

As mentioned, even Snap is acting exceptionally quiet about the project. Perhaps it did not want the same stigma that the Google Glass acquired during its development. It is still unclear when the second-generation Spectacles will hit stores globally. Furthermore, it is also unclear as to how much the glasses will be. Nevertheless, with its augmented reality feature, it will surely be more than the the $130 value of the original Spectacles.

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