Second Funding for Mighty No. 9 Launched

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Somebody?s coming back for a second round. Mighty No. 9 will take round two, even as they already hit their funding goal last year, ?that raised about $ 3.8 million with over? 70, 000 backers, according to Japanese developer Comcept.

The purpose of the said funding was for the additional content of the said game. The feedback from fans was so extreme that they ?reached their goal in no time.

According to Comcept founder and one of the former producers of Megaman, Keiji Inafune, the crowd funding campaign for Mighty No.9 was a huge success last year as it gathered a total of $ 3, 845, 170 dollars. For the second funding, they will release additional content, if the funds can get a total of $ 100, 000 dollars.

On the game?s website, Comcept made an announcement;

?We formed this plan as a result of all of the slacker backers that contacted us after the Kickstarter campaign looking to contribute,?

?But let?s make this crystal clear: this new funding campaign?is for?bonus content?in the Mighty No. 9 video game…?Any new funding will NOT go towards existing content in the current state of the game, but bonus content to be implemented into the title.?

It is clear that the second funding will be a DLC of the game. Also, you can ?check the total funds they have received?here,?to decide if you want to support the game?s development.

Steam Early Access will take the game at some point and you can get it for $80 pre-order bundle and it will give you a pre-release version of it in addition to the retro-style manual, digital art book, strategy guides and soundtrack.

It looks like all of their releases will need crowd funding including the animated series that they are planning to do. However, Digital Frontier will take over the series since they are the ones behind its production, and the crowd funding that they are doing right now will not be used for the development of the series.

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