Second Earth: Squad-based Strategy Mobile Game That Aims To Take Down Clash Of Clans

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The number of people playing mobile games is quite large, though, not as large as mobile game publishers would want. But there is definitely a market for mobile gamers, and a highly popular mobile game like ?Clash of Clans? has proven this.

Clash of Clans is a mobile game that is not only popular but reportedly earns a lot of money for the game publishers. The money comes from the in-game purchases a player made in upgrading his or her clan.

  • Upcoming Challenger

Second Earth is a game that intends to grab the top spot from Clash of Clans. The mobile game has an isometric setting and your troops are grouped into squads. Basically, Second Earth belongs to the strategy game genre. This particular genre usually requires the player build and fortify structures. You will also need troops to protect and expand your territory. You will need these structures and troops to crush your enemy.

  • Press Release

Ntreev, the developer of Second Earth, made this announcement, ?Second Earth is a build-and-defend strategy game like Clash of Clans. But we are constantly trying to find ways to differentiate this new game from the competition.

When it comes to gameplay, what sets ?Second Earth? apart most distinctly from the others is that the user can produce combat units promptly without any waiting time. Thus, the user can avenge invasions from other users immediately while continuing engagements toward others.?

Here is a trailer for those who have no idea what this game is:

About the Game

Second Earth can be downloaded for free either from Apple?s App store or Google Play depending on your mobile phone. The game can be played on single player mode or with other players using the multiplayer mode. This mobile game also includes head to head play that is touted to be the most difficult level in the game. The game?s online mobile combat might be affected by delays in touch screen commands

Those who want to know more in-depth details about the game can visit ?Ntreev website.

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