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Seattle Uber Riders Get Mad Max-themed Rides, Not Enough To Impress Mad Max Game Critics

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Seattle Uber riders?got a rather post-apocalyptic surprise as the international transport network steered Seattle’s downtown area with Mad Max themed rides. Another brilliant promotion from Uber was enjoyed by every Seattle residents who used the Uber app to travel around town. In an exciting partnership with Warner Bros., Uber offered free rides with post-apocalyptic themed cars to celebrate the September 1 release of the Mad Max video game, according to the Verge.

Anyone who was in Seattle and used the Uber app got to enjoy a post-apocalyptic ride for a trip anywhere around the city’s downtown area. But unfortunately, the cars were available during a limited time.The post-apocalyptic rides were available for Seattle Uber riders from August 28 until August 31, apparently giving users free rides because “dollars are worthless in the wasteland,” shared by the Verge.

Although Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy weren’t the ones who drove the people around town. Uber drivers went to extreme measures to really look like characters from the movie series so props to them for giving an entertaining and memorable drive.

Unfortunately, the Mad Max video game failed to impress fans and was given mixed insights by critics. A number of gamers were disappointed by the outcome of the game and gave some negative reactions. Maybe it was the fact that the video game wasn’t a movie-tie-in and was only short-lived, meaning the exciting plot of the story should have been spread throughout the whole story.Watch the latest trailer for the Mad Max video game if you want to take a look at it for yourself.

But if you haven’t heard of Max Rockatansky strapped to a post draining blood in front of a post-apocalyptic Hot Rod riding the savage wasteland, then we suggest you watch ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ instead of playing the video game.

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