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Sea Of Thieves Sounds Over-Simplistic, But That’s Ok

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sea of thieves
Sea of Thieves is simple and that’s okay. [Image from Microsoft]

After being dormant for sometime, Rare’s Sea of Thieves made another grand appearance in the Microsoft conference of E3 2017. Showing plenty of gameplay to excite fans, everyone is hoping this will be one of the better Microsoft Rare games. However, there are some caution fans who are worried that the gameplay could get repetitive quickly at it’s current state.

Some gamers are voicing concern for the seemingly formulaic gameplay, which involves finding hidden treasure and sailing around. It’s a fairly simple concept that fits the game’s title, though the concern is legitimate and a wee bit worrisome. Even with that however, the simple gameplay is a perfect fit for Rare and should make for a fun experience.

Simplicity Is Rare

Conceptually, Sea of Thieves sounds like a brilliant pirate game, with a huge online world and a ton of treasure to collect. Facing off or teaming up with other players is also pretty intriguing, and could lead to some spectacular moments. Plus, you can blast yourself out of the ship’s cannons, which is something Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones won’t be doing.

While the argument for repetitive gameplay is a sound one, there are a ton of online games that do this. Overwatch is an arena shooter that was saved by fun character designs, and unique quirks for each of them. As long as the game has a ton of interesting environments to explore, the simplistic nature of the gameplay shouldn’t be a problem. Player to player interaction also helps to make each playthrough fun and unpredictable.

Sea Of Players

Despite the lack of a proper release date, Sea of Thieves continues to be an intriguing Xbox One and PC exclusive. It should help restore some faith in Rare, especially after numerous games for the Xbox Kinect. Also, the less said about Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts the better, as it tried to mix platforming with car customizing of all things.

Rare’s current output might not match their past Nintendo 64 glory, but this game could change the tide. Their failures are a result of complicated game design and hardware, so going back to simplicity isn’t a bad thing. One could argue that this is a sink or swim situation for Rare, but it looks like the payoff could be a good one.

Sea of Thieves is slated for an early 2018 release, but no actual date has been given as of this writing. Fans that want to relive Rare’s glory days can pick up Rare Replay on Xbox One right now.

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