Sea Of Thieves Gameplay Reveals Intuitive Co-Op Multiplayer; Treasure Hunting, Sailing & Piracy Revealed

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Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is raising the bar for cooperative multiplayer this 2017. Sea of Thieves’ intuitive cooperative gameplay will let players experience treasure hunting, ship sailing and adventuring like never before.

The game’s official YouTube channel has just uploaded a new video last January 10. The video is the tenth video developer diary to date and is named “Inn-side Story.” It showcases the game’s creative design that promotes immersive cooperative gameplay. Sea of Thieves’ senior designers Andrew and Shelley Preston showcased all the the different ways the game will promote co-op play.

Shelley and Andrew started off by using the world map of the game as an example. Apparently, the captain on the top deck of the ship cannot see the map. This in turn would need other players to study the map and then communicate with the captain and the rest of the crew on where to go.


Sea of Thieves also has some very intuitive gameplay commands. Players holding on to the map can physically flip the map in-game to give the other players a sight at the map. This mimics how you would show the map in real life. The developers detail that being able to do certain things such as this in first person just makes the whole experience even better.

The co-op aspect of the game carries on to so many aspects throughout a player’s playthrough. Everyone’s efforts are once again needed in order to find and dig up treasure. This continues on to protect the unearthed treasure until it’s been safely transported and sold. This is is because other players can attack a different pirate crew to steal treasure.

Sea of Thieves aims to become a true co-op experience that will have something for just about everyone. The game is set for launch this year on both the Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned in with TheBitBag for the latest and greatest gaming news!

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