Sea Of Thieves Co-Op Gameplay: No Special Roles, Treasure Hunting, And More Features Shown In New Video

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Sea of Thieves Co-Op

Now that Scalebound got canceled, the list of promising Xbox One exclusives have gone down a bit. Despite this, 2017 is still a big year for Microsoft as there are still a few titles that are still worth getting hyped up about. One of the anticipated titles is Sea of Thieves, which recently got a trailer showcasing co-op gameplay. Here’s what we know about the Sea of Thieves co-op gameplay.

Sea Of Thieves Co-Op Gameplay Reveals

The new trailer starts off with two of developers talking about how every feature in the game is built to be social. The pair then showcases how the game’s world map will work and how travelling is made better in a group. No man is an island in the game and ships will need a complete crew to ensure smooth sailing.

Although a captain, navigator and others are needed in ships, the game doesn’t allow players to pick a specific role. The Sea of Thieves co-op gameplay allows players to go about in any way they want. Every player is free to switch to any role at any given time, meaning no player is stuck with a specific role during the entire duration of the game.

Another exciting feature showcased in the recent trailer is treasure hunting. Like maneuvering a ship, treasure hunting will be a whole lot better in a crew than alone. Treasure hunting doesn’t end simply after players dig up a secret chest in an island.

After digging up a chest, players will need to sell it to a Shipwright to get gold that could then be used to purchase items. Before that, other players and crews can still steal the treasure chest. Part of The Sea of Thieves co-op gameplay is that players need to help and defend each other all the time.

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