Scuffle Video: Brock Osweiler Saves Career (And Pizza Box) As He Refuses To Fight Back

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Brock Osweiler

Denver Broncos quarterback, Brock Osweiler, was attacked outside a pizza shop in Scottsdale, Arizona last Saturday but refuses to fight back.

Fox31 Denver reports that a video acquired by TMZ shows the quarterback outside a Joe?s Pizza outlet in Scottsdale about 2 a.m.

TMZ reports that they were able to talk to a Scottsdale PD rep who told them that they have reviewed the footage and had connected with the off-duty police officers who were there at the scene. The cop present during the incident said that the situation ?did not rise to the level of a criminal violation? so no arrest has been necessary. The cop also added, ?There was no crime reported and no victims came forward.?

The report also called the Osweiler pizza shop incident, ?a man protecting his entire career.? The Broncos quarterback smartly refused to fight back when a man outside of the pizza shop suddenly attacked him. Osweiler was with his wife and crew for a late night pizza run after watching a performance of his friend, Kelley James, at a W Hotel nearby. The incident started when the QB was heckled by some group and that?s where things went out of hand.

A woman even tried to confront the athlete?s wife, so he pushed her away but not too harshly, and proceeds to the car to get out of the situation. But one of the guys in the other group charged back at the QB for making contact with the girl. Osweiler was shoved in the back pushing him towards their car.

The Broncos QB has a bright football career ahead of him. After teammate Peyton Manning officially announced his retirement Monday morning, the 25-year-old QB will be signing the biggest contract of his life.

Denver Post reports that the Broncos offered him a three-year deal worth around $39 million. Coach Gary Kubiak was impressed with the young QB ?when he played as a starter for seven games last season. He went 5-2, rallying the Broncos twice from 14-point deficits in wins over the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots. ??

So instead of turning around and fighting back, Osweiler walked away. Smart move, Brock, smart move. He must?ve earned the respect of the attackers outside the pizza place too.

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