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How long have you been waiting for the first set of new maps for COD4? The official website reveals the map names will be: Broadcast, Creek, Chinatown, and Killhouse. No dates on their release yet. Only information from their last press release (dated February 4, 2008) stated a Spring release. The PS3 update is also live and includes new kill clams, improved sniper accuracy, improved ACOG Scope accuracy, upgraded spectator cams, and additional start spawn locations on all maps. If you’re in New York City or San Jose today, you can preview them at special GameStop locations. First 100 guests get a token to download the maps for free. First 200 guests compete for a $1,000 GameStop gift card. Images after the break.

Creek 10 thumb Creek 11 thumb Creek Action 02 thumb Creek Action 03 thumb

Broadcast 01 thumb Broadcast 02 thumb Broadcast 10 thumb

Chinatown 02 thumb

Killhouse 01 thumb

Great news, Charlie Oscar Delta!

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will soon gain some new battlefields in the form of a Variety Map Pack. The new downloadable maps will be available on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace in early April for 800 MS Points.

The critics are buzzing about Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare‘s new additions. See what IGN , GameSpot, TeamXbox and GameSpy had to say about the new Variety Map Pack. While you’re there, don’t miss the first gameplay footage videos of the new maps.

Below is a description of each of the four new maps…Check them out!

Individual DLC Map Descriptions:

Its size and alternating routes make “Broadcast” great for large team games. A large, multi-story television station with plenty of window vantage points creates the perfect setting for floor-to-floor combat. The station is surrounded by extensive outdoor areas consisting of a long parking lot, surrounding buildings with sniping hiding spots and side-rooftop access to the top and bottom floors of the television station.

A large wide open village in the woods, “Creek” consists of heavy foliage, great for sniper cover: a deep ravine offers an excellent vantage point for ambushes; an underground cave offers an alternate evasion route; and various multi-floor houses populate a patchwork of connected farmland. This extensive open map is great for snipers with plenty of natural coverage consisting of rocks and trees. There are various routes for advancement from both high and low vantage points over and underneath the hillsides. Another great map for large team games.

A modern revision of the classic Call of Duty “Carentan” map, “Chinatown” takes players to the foggy downtown district of a Chinatown. A night time setting, the cityscape is well lit by the full moon and the glow of brightly colored lanterns and neon lights from local businesses. This district offers a variety of open-street and interior settings, perfect for fire fights throughout the connected roads, courtyards, antique shops and markets within it. Great for all game types and players.

“Killhouse” is an enclosed warehouse made of plywood structures, mock-ups and speed-run courses used for training, creating the right mix of obstacles for small team games or free-for-alls with a variety of soft and hard cover points spread throughout the entire ground level.

Also arriving soon is the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Game of the Year Edition, giving gamers the chance to experience the intense cinematic action of the original game while expanding the online experience of 2007’s top-selling game by including a free token for the Variety Map Pack. The Game of the Year Edition is scheduled for release at all retailers nationwide on April 3rd.

We have PS3 news as well. In addition to confirming that the Variety Map Pack and Game of the Year Edition are headed to the PS3, we are happy to announce that the New PS3 Patch is Live!

Check out the improvements the new PS3 patch brings below:

  • New Kill Cams – Everything that can kill you has a Kill Cam now: grenades, airstrikes, claymores, C4, M203 Rounds, RPGs, anything. Jump online, get owned and check them out. They’re awesome, especially Grenades and M203 shots that go across the map and through a window.
  • Improved Sniper Accuracy – The Sniper rifle accuracy has been improved. Your crosshair will be a better representation of where your shot will ultimately land. Try out a sniper class today and up those head shots
  • Improved ACOG Scope Accuracy – ACOG scopes accuracy on any weapon has been improved. Test it out, throw it on one of your classes and give it a go.
  • Upgraded Spectator Cam – Now when you’re a spectator you have the option to follow in 3rd person or 1st person. As well as rotate 360 degrees around the player you’re watching. Next time you’re dead in Search and Destroy, watch your teammates do stuff you know you could do better!
  • Additional Start Spawn Locations in All Maps – Added a minimum of 9 extra start spawns on each side of all maps

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