Screening Room Allows You To Watch Movie Premieres At Home: Spielberg, Abrams, Jackson Ok With It

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Screening Room will allow audiences to watch movies at home on the day of their release and big Hollywood filmmakers Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, and Peter Jackson are all down for it.

The Guardian reports that making Hollywood blockbuster premieres available at home will ?expand audiences,? Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson said. The report also notes that the LOTR director had been vocal about opposing past attempts to ?consign to history the longstanding ?theatrical window? that separates cinema release dates from video debuts.?

But when he said that Screening Room will expand the audience, then he became one of the most high-profile supporters of the new movie service developed by Napster founder Sean Parker. Jackson added that Screening Room was thoroughly designed for audiences who do not currently go to cinema and will not be detrimental to the movie business.

Jackson further explained as quoted in the report, ?That is a critical point of difference with the DirecTV (which he opposed in 2011) approach ? and along with Screening Room?s robust anti-piracy strategy, is exactly why Screening Room has my support. Screening Room will expand the audience for a movie ? not shift it from cinema to living room. It does not play off studio against theatre owner. Instead it respects both and is structured to support the long-term health of both exhibitors and distributors ? resulting in greater sustainability for the wider film industry itself.?

The new screening service will be available for $150 which features anti-piracy technology. Parker?s new venture is highly supported by Spielberg and Abrams, as well along with other big names in the industry like Frank Marshall, Martin Scorsese and Ron Howard. It is also reported that big studios like Fox, Universal and Sony are also seriously interested in Screening Room.

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