Scream Season 3 Release Date, Spoilers: Brandon James Alive; Halloween Special Will Answer Season 2 Questions

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Scream Season 3 has not been officially confirmed and a release date is yet to be announced, but with the killer behind bars already, does that mean that the series will be cancelled for good?

Well, not quite. Viewers were still left with a lot of questions after the Season 2 finale. And one of the biggest questions would be about Brandon James. The original Lakewood killer appears to be back in town as viewers heard in the phone call with Kieran. The mysterious voice said, ?Hello, Kieran? Who told you you could wear my mask??

The finale also ended with Maggie finding a bloody note fastened to a tree with a knife stabbed through it. It was the same note Maggie gave Brandon before about leaving Emma alone, IBTimes notes.

Earlier in Season 2, it was revealed that Brandon James did not die twenty years ago at the lake but was only severely injured. Maggie and Miguel helped him get back home and also buried the knife he used to kill all the students. Miguel then left him on his porch.

So with that, it looks like Brandon actually survived twenty years ago and is back in town, calling the new Lakewood killer in jail and leaving a bloody note to the love of his life. But what does he want exactly? Will he help Kieran get out of jail? Or will he kill him himself?

In a TV Line interview with showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register, the note in the tree was really supposed to make the audience think that Brandon is alive. Register said, ?Yes, that?s exactly what we wanted to plant. Whether or not that?s really happening is a question we can?t answer.?

And as to the phone call, the showrunners were asked who the caller was. Register said, ?As far as who?s talking to him? we know the reason they?re talking to him.? While Gans added that ?It?s tied into the complete history and fabric of the town, we can say that.?

Lastly, the showrunners talked more about Kieran and what?s next for him, being alive and in prison, if they ever get renewed for a third season. Gans said, ?It?s hard to talk about, because there?s so much we can?t say about the future ? and one of those things, of course, is how Kieran will continue.?


He continues pointing out, ?But he is alive and in prison! And that?s another thing we wanted to do differently than you normally see at the end of slashers. Most of the time, the killer gets killed. And I think Emma is the right character to choose not to take the kill. ? Kieran?s alive, which means anything can happen.?

Sounds like an exciting set up for a new season, right? Fans should just keep their fingers crossed that the slasher series will be renewed for a Season 3.

Meanwhile, you can catch a Scream Halloween special this October which will possibly answer all your Season 2 finale questions!

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