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Scream Season 2 Finale: Emma, Audrey Face Off With 2 Killers?

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Emma and Audrey could come face-to-face with not just one but two killers in the Scream Season 2 finale. We have seen some hints from the previous episode of the American horror series, as well as from the promo trailer of the finale. But the chances of having two killers remain to be a possibility until we see the final episode titled “When a Stranger Calls.?

Noah (John Karna) thinks the killer could be just around. Worse, he could be one of them. Scream Season 2 finale could finally reveal who the killer/killers are, as well as the ones who might help him/them with all the sabotage and death of Brooke?s father, also known as the Mayor.

The 12th and final episode of Scream season 2 could also see more dangerous moves from Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus). They are not only fated to find who (and how many) the killers could be, but they will also face the greatest shock of their lives with Piper’s last surprise. Piper is played by actress Amelia Rose Blaire.

As seen in the trailer, Emma and Audrey meet the murderer face-to-face. And they need to do it without the presence of cops. Keiran (Amadeus Serafini) is too worried about Emma and we have seen them reunited.

Emma talks to Noah on the phone. The latter warns her that if they are not careful, they could hit the 10 most wanted territories. Sheriff Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar), on the other hand, remains firm that there could be no other killer despite Noah?s efforts to convince him about his friends? innocence.

Eli (Sean Grandillo) could have an idea who the killer is. He was in Lakewood last year and he was at Piper’s burial. This could only mean he might have a connection with Piper.

Find out who the mystery killer is, or perhaps, we?ll meet two of them when Scream season 2 finale airs on August 16 on MTV network.

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