Scream Queens Trailer, Release Date And Plot: New Series Is Perfect Blend Of Suspense And Comedy, Here?s Why

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Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk add another epic show on their list to give the audiences the amusing, terrifying, and titillating new show ?Scream Queens.? With the original scream queen and horror film icon Jamie Lee Curtis at their side, this new project is definitely a show to watch out for. And add the successful two-hour episode run last September 22, ?Scream Queens? will surely be your favorite.

?Scream Queens has a much more satirical, cartoonish quality to the attacks than American Horror Story does,? Murphy explained during a press conference in Los Angeles according to Bio. ?By taking comedy and melding it into horror, this show has all those elements of being fashionable, political, sociological, and they serve it up in a matzo ball of brilliance.?

Here?s the official trailer from FOX:


And as surprising as it may seem, Jamie Lee Curtis apparently doesn?t like to watch horror films. ?I personally don?t love them,? she exclaimed. ?I scare very easily, and there is nothing about being scared that I like. People are not allowed to walk up to me and scare me. My children learned very early on: Don?t scare Mommy. Don?t give me a surprise party either.?

Check out the synopsis from?IMDb first if you want to see ?Scream Queens:?

?Exactly two decades after Wallace University was rocked by a mysterious death, another murder takes place ? and all hell breaks loose. As the investigation progresses, casualties start to pile up and anyone could be the next victim ? or the villain.

This modern take on a classic whodunit, a blend of comedy, horror and mystery, features a killer cast, including horror-genre veteran Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Cathy Munsch, who demands that sorority pledging must be open to all students, not just the wealthy and elite. Her decree does not go over well with Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts), who rules the most popular sorority, Kappa House.?

Scream Queens shows every Tuesday at 9 on Fox, beginning September 29.

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