Scream Queens Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers: New Setting Will Be At Medical Asylum?

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Scream Queen Season 2 will return with more terror as cast teases some more details about the upcoming instalment. The series relocates to a much creepier setting which is a medical asylum. What spells terror more than a medical asylum, right?

According to Parent Herald, Emma Roberts? Chanel Oberlin and her Channels will be in for more screams as terror will come in the form of medical experiments.

As recalled in season 1, Lea Michele?s character, Hester, was revealed to be one of the Red Devil killers, Australia News Network reports. After the horrific incident experienced by the Chanels, Emma Roberts along with the other girls were accused of perpetrating the series of murders and were sent to a mental institution.

Michele was also able to talk to E! about her character in the upcoming season and reveals that she is excited for an even darker transformation. ?I don’t know how I can get any darker than I did in season one but hey, whatever Ryan Murphy wants me to do I am totally down with,? Michele says.

Meanwhile, Jamie Lee Curtis tells E! News that season 2 will be much darker. ?I think it?ll be dark. I think it?s going to be very dark,? Curtis says. ?It?s in a hospital, [there?s] a lot of darkness in hospitals?dark hallways, scary rooms, sharp objects, a lot of blood, disinfectants.?

While Emma Robert says that there will be new additions to the cast and promises that the upcoming season will be ?wild? and ?fun.? She tells E! News, ?We?re adding some incredible new cast members that you?ll find out about soon. It?s going to be fun, it?s going to be wild.? And adds, ?We haven?t even read a script yet though, so we actually don?t know what?s going to happen.?

The release date for Scream Queens Season 2 will be this September 22 and will be returning to its original time slot, Tuesdays, 9p.m. ET on FOX.

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