‘Scream Queens’ Finally Shows Strong Episode After Confusing Episodes, Find Out What Happened

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After weeks of pointing out Scream Queens aggressively mean-spirited nature and confused tone, this week?s episode, ?Seven Minutes In Hell,? finally feels like a strong piece of course correction for the show.

It isn?t a particularly scary episode, but it finds its strength in the comedy aspects. Surprisingly, it?s the one episode of the bunch written by Ryan Murphy, who has been the default face of blame for any and all of the show?s problems, reports AV Club.

After several weeks of hit-or-miss episodes, ?Seven Minutes in Hell? is probably the most shrill and pointless entry yet.

The whole thing takes place at a Kappa house slumber party, which new Kappa co-president Zayday insists on having as a way to help figure out who the killer is. Something to do with playing Truth or Dare … but it?s a flawed plan, because not only does it fail to yield any new clues whatsoever, the Red Devil manages to get into the secure-as-a-fortress house and pick off Chanel Number Five?s boyfriend (via nail gun) and Kappa pledge Sam, aka ?Predatory Lez? (by suffocating her in the bathtub where that mysterious baby was born 20 years ago), reported True Crime.

According to Entertainment Weekly, luckily ? or perhaps not so luckily ? the Dickie Dollar Scholars arrive?but with the Red Devil in tow. The guys are able to break into a second-story window and climb up. All of them, that is, except for armless Caulfield, who makes it only a few rungs before he?s flung off the ladder and once again hacked by the Red Devil. This time, mortally.

But there?s no time to mourn when a game of truth or dare is afoot! And, no, you can?t lie in truth or dare, so if you pick dare, you?re going to look shady as hell. After an inquiry about No. 5?s vagina teeth, Sam is the next up and picks truth. She?s asked to reveal No. 3?s biggest secret. Worried that her feelings for Sam will be spilled, No. 3 blurts them out, just as Sam reveals that No. 3 is Charles Manson?s daughter. Two truths for the price of one! No. 3 is furious at the betrayal and dares Sam to go take a nap in the storage room bathtub. ?The only feelings I have for you are rage and pissed off-ed-ness,? No. 3 sneers.

Wow! Too much? Isn?t it!

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