Scream Queens Episode 4 Spoilers: Guess Who Will Die Next!

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?Scream Queens? just aired its fourth episode titled ?Haunted House? and the life of the Chanel?s just keeps on getting more and more exciting thanks to creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan. Entertainment Weekly was able to take to ?Scream Queens? actress Lea Michele (sorority pledge Hester a.k.a. ?Neckbrace?) and shared her thoughts on the actress? exciting new role since finishing the hit musical television series Glee.

Lea Michele talked about portraying the role of Hester and how it?s opposite from Rachel, ?Honestly, having been offered this role, I knew nothing,? she said. ?But I did trust Ryan implicitly that he would create something for me that would be the most incredible opportunity to show people a different side and a different color,? Michele added. ??And the first and only thing he said to me about the project was, ?Neck brace.? And I was like, ?Well, I guess no better way to show people something completely different from Rachel Berry than a neck brace.??

?The thing that I?m most grateful for with this character is the opportunity to show people a completely different side,? Michele explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. ?I think that there is a definite issue with being a part of a show for seven years, being such an iconic character, then switching to something else. I can?t think of a better way to really show people a different side of me than to be playing Hester.?

And when she was asked what it was like not knowing what?s going to happen to their characters and who?s going to die until they read the scripts, Michele said: ?I really don?t know what?s going to happen, and I don?t like inconsistencies. I write Ryan all the time. I get a script and then he writes me, ?Thank God you didn?t die, Queen.? I?m like, ?Yeah, thank God, Ryan, okay? Because we all know what would happen if I did. I would haunt you ? every day. I?d ring your bell every morning.? I don?t wanna die.?

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