Scorpion Season 3 Spoilers: ?Waige? Finally Happening? Walter & Paige Moments Promised by Showrunner

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Scorpion Season 3 spoilers state that Walter and Paige may finally be in a romantic relationship.
Scorpion Season 3 spoilers state that Walter and Paige may finally be in a romantic relationship.

The third season of “Scorpion” will come back in September, and fans are eager to know what happens next after the shocking revelations in the Season 2 finale. Scorpion Season 3 spoilers state that ?Waige? moments are in store in the new season, as revealed by the showrunners. Is ?Waige? finally happening in the upcoming season? Will Walter be successful once he reveals his true feelings for Paige?

Fans know that in the Season 2 finale, Walter realized that he needed to finally act on his feelings for Paige. Ironically, this realization came when Toby?s proposal to Happy went awry, as the latter revealed to him that she?s already married. In the final episode, Walter decided to go after Paige, who went away with her boyfriend Tim for a weekend trip.

EPs Dish Details on Season 3

In an interview with TV Line, Nick Wootton, one of the show?s executive producers, said that the love angles in the Season 2 finale will be the kickoff point in Season 3. Nick Santora, also the show?s EP, also dished out some Scorpion Season 3 spoilers. He said that the new season will explore the emotions of the Team Scorpion members, but the resolution may not come immediately.

?The resolution of it, and how it affects the team, will go on for a while? Eventually, these characters and these relationships are all going to get where they need to be. It?s just going to be hard,? he explained.


Regarding Walter and Paige?s relationship, Santora promised that Season 3 will ?tee up more Waige.? He said that Walter and Paige?s relationship will always be there, ?even if they have relationships with other people.?

However, he explained that fans cannot expect such relationship to blossom in the first episode. According to him, Walter always fails in his romantic relationships, so it?s not realistic for him to pursue Paige right away. He promised, however, that the ?payoff will be even more sweet.?

Are you dying to finally see Walter and Paige be together in the show? Tune in here on TheBitbag for more Scorpion Season 3 spoilers. The show?s third season will premiere in October.

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