Scorpion Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: “Wreck the Halls”

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 11 Recap
Scorpion Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

Scorpion season 3 episode 11 has the perfect fall finale. The CBS synopsis says, “The team’s electronics-free getaway in the mountains on Christmas Eve takes a dangerous turn when they encounter a group of gunrunners who kidnap Ralph (Riley B. Smith). Meanwhile, Tim (Scott Porter) makes an important decision about his role with Team Scorpion.”

Paige and Ralph are seen at the warehouse, up and ready to be with the gang in a cabin for the holiday season. Ralph and Walter are getting along just fine. Toby lets Paige in on the perfect gift for Happy. Something she’s always wanted. Paige finds a gift on her desk with the note coming from her mom. Walter comes in and Paige reminds him to leave his electronics behind. They all agreed this Christmas would be gadget-free per ew.com.

Happy decided to dress like a little elf to contribute to the festive atmosphere. The group arrives in the cabin. The light is out. Walter gets down to work. Cabe aks Ralph for help to cut down a tree and Tim and Walter wanted to go as well. Toby wonders why Walter wants to go.

Cabe was teaching Ralph how to peel an apple using a blade. Walter is anxious and Tim cheers him on. Tim and Walter went looking for a tree. While there in the woods, they spot a group of guys from a distance. They were arguing while one of them was digging with a shovel while a gun was pointed at him, per celebdirtylaundry.com.

Tim and Walter didn’t have any guns with them. What they did was take a can of bug spray and positioned it over the flame. Then, the man with the shovel hit the man next to him and the gunmen as well. Tim and Walter run. The other guy runs towards them while the gunmen quickly followed. The can explodes and the guys led the victim to safety. The stunned gunmen laid splattered on the ground.

Ralph and Cabe heard what happened from a distance. They found Walter and Tim along with the victim who happened to work for the ATF. Paige and Toby were baking cookies. The guys made it to the cabin. Tim wanted the fire out because they were going to get noticed by the gunmen. It was too late though for they were already outside the cabin.

The Gang Quickly Cooks Up a Plan

Paige opens the door and invites the bad guy in. He said he was looking for his dog. He slowly gets inside but quickly steps back out. He said he’s heard his dog. The gang uses Paige’s gift, the laptop. They needed it to make a communication device. The rest of them go on to make boobie traps (Macaulay Culkin style) for self defense. Then Tim confronts Walter about having feelings for Paige. Walter is not happy about Tim disrupting his team. Tim didn’t have any plans of leaving. Paige stops the fight.

Sly and Happy are now about to make a call using their device. Cabe called it in and they got a response that help was on its way. Coincidentally, the gunmen outside also called for reinforcements, with additional two other guys showing up.

When the guys entered, the team took their places. They take out the five. Cabe lines the five up then Sam, the ATF guy took Ralph and put him in the car and ran off. Paige and Walter chased him with Cabe and Toby following. Ralph used the knife to untie himself. He goes to the trunk area and popped the hood, looking out while the car was moving.

The chase was put to a stop when a tree blocks the road. Ralph quickly runs to safety. The Christmas party pushed through. Cabe gave little Ralph the knife and Paige allowed the little boy to keep it. Happy and Toby exchanged gifts and were so excited about it. Paige tries to convince Tim to go and he agrees at last. The end.

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