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Scientology: Church Practices Exposed

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Any secrets around here? [“2005 11 L. Ron Hubbard Museum” by Zach Tirrell from Plymouth, USA – L. Ron Hubbard Museum Uploaded by Cirt. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons]


Scientology is a US government-certified religion which was thrust into the limelight when a documentary about it surfaced. The said documentary, carrying the title ?Going Clear?, is as hard-hitting as it is revealing, according to Rolling Stone?s article. From the looks of it the documentary was released to stir a nest of hornets?a tirade against a church that?s presumably full of secrets and lies.

Another look at the ?Going Clear? documentary is found in this Washington Post article. It appears there?s something deeper than just a harmless church trying to get people to join?it?s an organization that preys on the weakness of people. What weakness would that be exactly? Everybody?s got fears, and it seems that the people who are part of Scientology are extremely good at pinpointing those.

A Nest of Vipers

The article from Rolling Stone seems to dig up a whole nest of vipers in connection with the ?Church? of Scientology.

The Church, as per the article on Going Clear, was founded by L. Ron Hubbard, accomplished science fiction writer who also has a lot of secrets. The Church had some powerful celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta being prominent members.

Some of the biggest reveals from that documentary are, as seen in Rolling Stone’s article:

  • L. Ron Hubbard’s life was a series of bullying and lies.
  • The Church’s victory over the IRS allowed them to enrich themselves.
  • Miscavige was a sadist with Sea Org members.
  • Tom Cruise’s relationships?were Church-sanctioned.

Scientologist Methods

What Going Clear is, really, is an explanation of what the Church is hiding and how it was so successful in getting people like Cruise to join.

From a glance, according to the Washington Post article, outsiders not affiliated with Hubbard?s creation would see the craziness of it all. It?s different from within the Church, however, with tried and tested tactics being used to keep people hooked on the organization. The church?s agents used the most effective tool they could have ever picked?fear. They preyed on the natural fear and the efforts of people to help, and that was how effective the church had been in recruiting.

Dirty Secrets

So if there?s a lot of hidden secrets in the so-called ?church?, what?s stopping the government from cracking down on them? Perhaps, deep inside, there are even bigger secrets?ones that even ?Going Clear? won?t be able to reveal. However, it?s a good thing that people are warned sooner than later about the intricate dealings inside L. Ron Hubbard?s ?religion?.

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