Science Fiction MMO Wildstar Launches Newest Battleground Called Daggerstone Pass

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The newest PvP arena of Wildstar, the science fiction MMO, plus its new mode, has already been released to the public servers of the game. Many of those who have already tried it say that players should expect to find themselves getting swept away by a ?wild ride?.

The new map is, by the way, called the Daggerstone Pass. Sabotage, on the other hand, is the name for the new mode.

The goal of the players in this new map and mode is to incur damage to the base of the enemy. The most effective and straightforward method of doing this is to get hold of one of the uplinks (they come in the form of three hold points). These uplinks are connected to a gunship, which periodically sends bombs towards the home of the enemy.

The greater the number of uplinks the player is able to capture, the higher the given damage bonus is.

However, there is a much better and smarter way of providing this to your team, and?this is?more superior than the other. This is by picking up the bombs that are spawning near or just beside your very own base, and then carrying them over to the base of your enemy.

If the latter is the method that you will choose, you need to make sure of something though: all of the bombs will detonate once the accompanying timers have counted down. This means that whoever is holding the bomb, wherever he or she may be, will get damaged.

While this is definitely one of the best ways to incur significant damages to your enemy?s base or even to simply distract your aimless enemies while you go about capturing uplinks, it can also bring about unnecessary wounds and injuries not only to yourself, but to your teammates as well.

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