?Scarlet Heart Ryeo? Ratings Catching Up With ?Moonlight Drawn By Clouds?

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Scarlet Heart Ryeo ratings are starting to catch up with that of its rival TV show, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Both K-dramas air during the widely-followed Monday and Tuesday primetime slots.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo airs in SBS and stars Lee Ji Eun as Hae Soo, a modern-day woman who drowns during an eclipse. She wakes up in the Goryeo era and falls in love with a prince played by Lee Joon Gi.

Meanwhile, KBS2?s Moonlight Drawn by Clouds stars Park Bo Gum as Prince Lee Young. Actress Kim Yoo Jung plays his love interest masqueraded as an eunuch, whom he eventually falls in love with.

Contrasting ratings reports?

According to Nielsen Korea, recent Scarlet Heart Ryeo ratings reached only 7.9%. Its counterpart in KBS2 gathered over double the audience share with 16.5% ratings.

However, research based on Content Power Index (CPI) scoring showed that the Goryeo era drama garnered 294.3 CPI points. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds received 274.4 CPI points. According to Movie News Guide, CPI measures internet news subscription rankings, direct search, interest and social media interaction on top of TV viewership.


Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Competing cast members

Furthermore, both shows were also analyzed using Brand Value Index, which is mapping the brand power of cast members in relation to reputation.

Based on this scoring, the lead stars of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds are neck and neck versus each other. Bo Gum has 12,373,028 points and Yoo Jung has 8,325,552 brand value points.

?Very different? from each other

Several k-drama fans have also gone online to explain why Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds should not be pitted against each other.

According to viewers, Scarlet Heart Ryeo has a dark tone with dramatic, political theme. On the other hand, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is more like a cute coming of age romance.


Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and Scarlet Heart Ryeo – Photos from Facebook

?They honestly seem to have different target audiences as well,? one commenter said.

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