?Scarlet Heart Ryeo? Cast Member Lee Joon Gi Talks About His Latest Role

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Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s Lee Joon Gi

Scarlet Heart Ryeo cast member Lee Joon Gi talked about playing the starring role in the new SBS series.

The historical fantasy drama is the TV adaptation of the Chinese novel ?Bu Bu Jing Xin? by Tong Hua. It stars actress Lee Ji Eun as a modern-day woman who drowns during an eclipse and wakes up at the Goryeo era. This is where she falls in love with a mysterious masked prince named Wang So, played by Joon Gi.

Masked Prince

The 34-year-old actor shared how it was like to have his face covered throughout the series. According to him, he is not too concerned that his appearance will be hidden. ?Wearing a mask while acting signifies the character?s drama within,? Joon Gi explained. ?I was very interested and I liked it.?

However, he admitted that there were instances when he got dizzy for wearing the mask all the time.

Furthermore, it has also been a challenge for Joon Gi to express himself due to the limited facial expressions that he could do. He has simply been trying to convey his emotions to viewers by using his eyes, which could also get tricky. ?If I put too much intensity behind my eyes, it could cover Wang So?s story or his pain, and so I put effort in finding the boundaries,? he explained.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo cast feedback

According to Soompi, the portrayal of Joon Gi has been receiving good feedback from k-drama fans. However, other Scarlet Heart Ryeo cast members have not been as lucky.


Scarlet Heart Ryeo cast photo from Facebook

Many viewers have been criticizing lead female star Ji Eun and co-star Byun Baek Hyun for their alleged poor acting. Both have been bashed on social media for allegedly looking too awkward and unnatural.

Some said that it would be best for the singer-actress and the EXO member to just ?focus on music.?

Scarlet Heart Ryeo ratings

The negative reviews of Scarlet Heart Ryeo have seemingly affected its ratings. The show debuted end-August with only 7.4 percent ratings for its first episode. It gathered 9.3 percent audience share for its second episode and has only been receiving half-point ratings boosts over the past weeks.

The series airs on the same time slot as KBS? Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, which recently reached 20 percent rating.

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