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Scanty Females Wielding Chainsaws Aren’t All What Games are About, Ubisoft Boss Says

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Recent gaming trends have been put in the limelight. There had been a lot of games that show girls in various states of undress, while others feature a whole host of weapons with which to slay ?opponents. A lot of gamers do tend to buy these games, but do not count out the others. There are gamers out there that are willing to trade all that for a little bit of sense and a fair amount of puzzles and brain games.

It is this trend in games that Ubisoft Toronto studio head Jade Raymond is ranting about. It is sad that with this recent trend, gamers are being treated ?like idiots? while it is also true that they deserve so much better. That being said, games that feature babes and bullets or chicks and chainsaws are more popular than the others. That?s what makes them sell, so why take these away?

Raymond assumes that not all gamers are people who love chicks and chainsaws anyway. While she assumes these gamers are ?teenage boys?, it?s also possible that not all teenage boys would want to see games feature this. Most of them, especially gamers of this generation, want more from the games that they buy. Most of them want games that would promote at least a “thought” from them.

Most games that came out feature protagonists that have husky, monotone voices, with some of them ending up as some sort of anti-hero; a gruff, husky voiced asshole that has no sense of morals, and in this, Raymond is in agreement.

She is, however, optimistic that a trend such as this has got to change, and change it will, though eventually. She points out several action movies as comparisons. In this genre, the action heroes have turned from just big, macho guys, to guys who actually think deep and are remorseful for their action, at times. She is optimistic that the trend will also see some fruition in the gaming industry down the road.

There had been some games that had seen the trend emerge, and Jade Raymond cites, of all games, Grand Theft Auto for bucking the trend. In recent titles, she says, she had seen them pick more interesting main characters than before. A perfect example would be the trait of the protagonist that seems to focus on his backstory being an immigrant underdog. It?s still not a game where you can play a kindly old lady or something similar to that, but she is optimistic that this, too, shall change.

Currently, Raymond and Ubisoft are on track to finish the release of Assassin?s Creed: Unity on time, and they are currently working closely with Ubisoft Montreal. They are working on five games that are as of yet, currently unannounced. As of now, Raymond reveals, the Assassin?s Creed series is doing well, what with 76 million copies being sold worldwide; 3 million copies more from the last tally Ubisoft made.

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