?Scandal? Season 5 Episode 15 Spoilers: Mellie Keeps on Tarnishing Her Presidential Bid

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Cleaning up another?s mess.

As the election draws nearer, the candidates? tactics are getting dirtier than ever.

But if you?re down, who?s making a mess of your presidential bid?

This will be the storyline that is expected to be in the next episode of ?Scandal? Season 5. Here?s a sneak peek on what you should look forward to in episode 15 of the TV series.

According to the report of Christian Today, Mellie is continuously destroying her presidential bid. Though it is not intentional, it still poses a severe headache to Olivia, who keeps on cleaning her mess. But until when will Olivia patch Mellie?s loopholes?

The next episode, titled ?Pencils Down?, will show Mellie figuring publicly in an incident that she orders Olivia to fix. Olivia has always been the saving grace of Mellie?s bid and even life. This series of mistakes will be expected to be used against her by her opponents. Well, they don?t need to actually make an effort to destroy Mellie as the latter seems to be doing it for them (unfortunately).

Olivia is also doing other things as seen in the previous episode. She has been spying on Jake for quite some time now, but will be temporarily halted as National Security Agency is set to be involved.

However, this girl doesn?t know how to quit as she will try other way of spying Jake. This time, she will use the oldest trick. Based on the promotional material released, it appears that Olivia is successful in closing in on Jake as she will have a makeout session with the guy, where she warns the latter: “Whatever this game is, I will win.”

Reports speculated that Olivia is aware that Jake and her fianc?e are planning criminal work that is yet to be disclosed. What is sure is that Gladiators will learn about it as they will be able to reveal integral information about Jake?s new love interest.

Susan Ross is expected to do the same as she tries to find out the other girl sleeping with David. Will she be able to find out who the woman is? That smells like trouble.

Catch “Scandal” season 5 episode 15 on March 24 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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