Scaleform GFx Adopted For Chinese MMOs

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The good folks at Scaleform® Corporation, the worldwide leader in interactive entertainment middleware and user interface engines for video games, have announced the Scaleform GFx will be supporting future MMO’s based off Chinese developers and publishers. Chinese online community has grown over the years. And Scaleform® Corporation want a piece of that MMO pie. Here’s the release:

Scaleform GFx Adopted For Use in Chinese MMOs

License agreements with Shanda, The9, Gamania and Nineyou cement UI solution as the standard for game development in China

SHANGHAI, CHINA and GREENBELT, MD, USA – August 12, 2009 – Scaleform® Corporation (Scaleform), the worldwide leader in interactive entertainment middleware and user interface (UI) engines for video games, today announced that it has signed license agreements with several major Chinese developers and publishers for upcoming massively multiplayer online (MMO) titles.

“Scaleform is dedicated to fully supporting the rapidly growing game development community in China,” said Brendan Iribe, president and CEO of Scaleform. “We have a fully localized presence, with Scaleform staff based in Shanghai, and localized documentation and support to provide our Chinese customers with the highest level of service.”

Using Scaleform GFx™, MMO developers can utilize the proven tools of Adobe® Flash® and Creative Suite® to streamline their workflow and reduce development time. Through the innovative CLIK™ (common lightweight interface kit) component framework, developers can use a range of prebuilt components to skin and drop into their games, while also running performance statistics with the AMP™ (analyzer for memory and performance) memory tool to ensure optimal performance.

“Compelling user interfaces are essential to the success of any MMO,” said Ben Mowery, director at Scaleform. “Scaleform GFx enables our customers to leverage the workflow efficiency of Flash and Scaleform’s MMO building blocks to create and skin rich chat, inventory and other complex MMO UI systems.”

Scaleform GFx delivers a proven and familiar artist-driven Flash solution with unmatched return on investment for developers and publishers by combining cutting-edge hardware accelerated Flash rendering with Creative Suite’s award-winning image, vector and video motion graphics software tool chain. Speeding up development workflow and assembly of high-performance UI elements, GFx enables artists and designers to create powerful and immersive user interface environments with optimized performance.

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