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Scalebound Release Date: Hideki Kamiya Apologizes To Microsoft For Delay

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Scalebound Release Date

Hideki Kamiya, the co-founder and designer of Platinum Games, has delivered some brilliant games in the past. The developer was at E3 2016 and shared his thoughts about the Scalebound release date. He also apologized to Microsoft for the game?s delay and expressed how he felt on all his other titles that suffered the same fate. The developer is known for bringing popular games like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 2, Bayonetta and Okami.

According to the Platinum Games Boss, almost all the titles he has worked on has been delayed and he is sorry that it also happened to Scalebound. ?So this is just another one. I’m sorry to Microsoft that this happens,” Kamiya told GameSpot in an interview.

Kamiya said the extra time he asked for the development of Scalebound will help the team deliver a refined and polished game. According to Kamiya, this extra time is an opportunity for the studio to improve the game before it launches on Xbox One and PC next year.

He assured fans that the upcoming role role-playing game will be bigger and more ambitious than what Platinum Games has built in the past. “The scale of the game is much bigger than any of the other games we previously created,” Kamiya said..

In his interview after the E3 showcase, he told Telegraph that he aspires to develop more games in the future. Without revealing any specific details regarding what he is going to do next, he said that he has not prioritized any of those games. It is obvious that the man is already busy with the development of Scalebound.

Regarding Scalebound, he said that he always wanted to make a game that features dragons. According to him, the game will feature a young American named Drew who lands on a fantasy world. As players progress in the game, Drew will meet a dragon called Thuban who?ll help him in his fight against the monsters. More details about the gameplay can be seen in the trailer below. Updates on the Scalebound release date are expected in the near future.


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