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Valve has announced some new Steamworks features that negate DRM technology and offers a more robust anti-piracy feature. Valve should be applauded for this. I absolutely hate cheap ass pirates. Here’s the full release:


Suite of Services Expands With Customer Executable Generation (CEG), Support for
DLC, Matchmaking, and More

March 24, 2009 – Valve today announced a new set of advanced features delivered in
Steamworks, a complete suite of publishing and development tools that are available
free of charge to developers and publishers worldwide.
Headlining the new feature set is the Custom Executable Generation (CEG) technology
that compliments the already existing anti-piracy solution offered in Steamworks. A
customer friendly approach to anti-piracy, CEG makes unique copies of games for each
user allowing them to access the application on multiple machines without install
limits and without having to install root kits on their PC.
The new features also include support for in-game downloadable content (DLC) and
matchmaking. The in-game DLC support allows developers to deliver new content as
they choose (paid or free) from inside the game itself, allowing users to make
immediate purchases and experience the new content in the same game session. The
Steamworks matchmaking now includes the robust lobby system shipped and tested in
Left 4 Dead.
“Delivering this extension of services on Steamworks first anniversary,
demonstrates our commitment to continually develop the platform to
better serve the community working with these tools,” said Gabe Newell,
president and co-founder of Valve. “As we roll out these features, we
continue to look for new ways make PC games easier to create and better
for customers to experience.”
Steamworks was launched in early 2008 and has already shipped in products
distributed at retail and electronically with major PC releases such as Empire:
Total War, Dawn of War II, F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, and Football Manager 2009.
The Steamworks services are offered free of charge to developers and
publishers around the world. In addition to the services added in this
spring’s extension, Steamworks offers support for Steam Achievements,
Steam Community, Auto Updating, Statistics, Steam Cloud and more.
Steamworks is fully integrated with the Steam, a leading platform for
the delivery and management of PC games that has grown to reach 20
million accounts throughout the world, up from 15 million accounts just
one year ago. Steam now offers over 500 applications to gamers in every
country of the world.
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