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If you have been following BBC television?s SHERLOCK, then you may now have an idea of what the latest SHERLOCK: A Study in Pink manga is all about. According to Anime News Network, the Japanese SHERLOCK manga is one of the few western content that ever hit such version and unlike other titles which subtly strayed away from the concept of the anime?s episodes, the SHERLOCK: A Study in Pink manga takes in the actual episodes of the series.

?A Study in Pink? is the first part of a six-episode series and ANN describes the manga version as close to perfect in terms of its artwork. They indicated how the manga artist was able to derive such drawings that shows a near to perfect Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The Fandom post reports that the Japanese SHERLOCK Manga will soon arrive in the U.S. and UK and it also comes with some carefully selected brand new covers from some of the best SHERLOCK artists. ?

The website also noted that if you have been a follower of BBC?s SHERLOCK, you might find the manga version a bit of a bore in terms of the storyline. It doesn?t add any scripts more than what you see per episode, but the artist who did the version made sure it?s worth grabbing a copy. And if you haven?t seen the show, but is an avid collector of comics, you may find some interesting story concepts on the Japanese SHERLOCK manga.

While it may not be a scene to scene progression, the manga version is definitely following the footsteps of the episodes, something that will look very familiar to those who managed to watch and grab a copy of the manga. SHERLOCK: A Study in Pink consists of 52-pages, something that is quite unusual compared to what others prefer; a thicker version of the manga. Despite that, you cannot ignore the talents of artist Jay in making sure that they are of quality and of value for your money.

The Japanese SHERLOCK Manga was released on the 8th of June and if you haven?t grabbed a copy of it, get yours now and make sure not to miss some news about it by checking on

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