Say Hello to Samsung Galaxy S5 on February 24

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Smartphone giants are now on an annual product cycle where they release new and improved models every year. This means that smartphone fanatics can have an idea when their headlining products will be launched. Samsung is the perfect example with the Samsung Galaxy S5 rumored to be released some time this year.

Unpacked 5 at MWC 2014 Launch

One of the Samsung executives spilled the beans by saying that the new S5 will be launched at the MWC 2014, happening on February 24th. The same information has also been suggested by a known leaker on Twitter. The MWC launch gained a lot of attention when Samsung sent out a teaser called ?Unpacked 5.?

The number 5 caught everyone?s attention since it reminded them of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. The smartphone giant has not revealed the details, but there is a big chance that the S5 could grab the scene in March this year.

When it comes to pricing, people cannot hope that the company will offer its new smartphone at a competitive rate. It will surely be fully loaded with new technological features and might carry a price tag that is rumored to be $888.

All ? Metal Samsung Galaxy S5

Various sources claim that the new S5 will be in a full ? metal jacket. If this is true, then the Korean firm is finally breaking its ties with polycarbonate. The company has not confirmed this rumor.

The iPhone 5S and HTC One have proven themselves against the Galaxy S4 with their far more superior look, feel and overall design. This is definitely an area where Samsung should focus on for the new Galaxy S5. An inside sources apparently revealed that the new Samsung S model will be launched with a fully aluminum chassis. The inside source also spilled a new look which he dubbed as Design 3.0.

Korean site ETNews has also given a hint that the Galaxy S5 will indeed have an aluminum frame.

With all the spreading rumors on the S5?s promising features, then fans of the Korean smartphone maker can expect a sky ? rocket price offer. The Galaxy S4 failed to win over the smartphones of its competitors in 2013, which is why Samsung is expected to cook something really intruguing this year with its Galaxy S5.

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