Say goodbye to night sweats and uncomfortable sleep

This carbon cool pillow designed for hot sleepers guarantees the best quality sleep all night through

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Pillows are considered a bedtime essential. They’re a crucial part of our sleep. Without them, dozing off at night is just not as comfortable and relaxing. But while we all love laying on our soft, fluffy pillows, not all pillows are created the same and not all pillows are designed for all types of sleepers.

If you’re someone who considers yourself a “hot sleeper”, you need more than just an ordinary pillow that elevates your neck and shoulder. You need something that will help ensure you get quality sleep night after night. But don’t worry. The hunt for the perfect pillow for you is finally over. Time to get to know this Z Shoulder Cutout Carbon Cool LT Pillow from Healthy Bedrooms!

Z Shoulder Cutout Carbon Cool LT Pillow from Healthy Bedrooms is specifically designed for hot sleepers like you who need to stay cool and comfortable in your sleep all night!

This carbon cool pillow uses the most advanced pillow cooling technology available, Omniphase® phase change material which provides continual temperature regulation with ventilation for superior airflow. Phase change molecules capture and release heat as needed to maintain the optimum sleep temperature throughout the night. To further the cooling properties, activated carbon infused in the foam creates a pathway to filter heat away from the head, face, and neck.

It also has a unique shoulder cutout designed to prevent neck and shoulder strain for side sleepers. Not to mention the memory foam that helps relieve pressure points.
Highlighted features:
  • Carbon-infused foam moves heat away from the body
  • OmniPhase® phase change material absorbs and dissipates heat
  • Shoulder cutout designed specifically for side sleepers
  • Ventilated for increased airflow and breathability
  • Soft, supportive memory foam relieves pressure points
  • Tencel™ removable cover aids in optimal sleeping temperatures
We all want to get the most comfortable and relaxing sleep at night and with this carbon cool pillow, you will no longer have to endure night sweats and enjoy lasting cooling features for the best sleep ever!